March 7, 2016

Week 13: Thankful for that trial

Hi Everyone!

I am feeling better! The double dragon lasted into Tuesday. I think it's the sickest I've been in my life. I'm glad it didn't last too long. I'm pretty thankful for that trial, I found out that not having to leave the apratment for a couple of days isn't all it's cracked up to be...I was wishing could go out and work the entire time.

Nothing much new this week. It is the end of the change (every six weeks). Everyone in our district is staying besides the district leader, Elder Ramos. We're sad to see him go, he was super tranquilo (chill). Lots of Elders like to ask me questions about working out (I don't mind, I love talking about it.)

Elder Van is from a very active family. His older brother got back from his mission in the Dominican Republic while Elder Van was in the MTC. He's from San Diego if I remember right. He was a basketball star in highschool, had tons of colleges looking at him, but he got acceped to BYU, so he's not going to play basketball in college. By the way...His grandpa lives in Provo, and went to the drugstore sometime last week, got the Gonburger, as advised by me throught Elder Van... He loved it. But the server there didn't know who I was!!! What THE FREAK!!! So no one knew that my comps grandpa came in last week I guess. He said that the ice cream counter was spectacular.

There's a hand woven traditional fabric they make here called corte. Every aldea, (small farm/village) and city has their own varieties/patterns. I bought my first Corte today. (It is pretty expensive.) I bought enough to make a couple of ties, which is what most elders do with it.

This week we have our six week meeting so I'm going back to Xela again, not really looking forward to the hours on a chicken bus again, to be honest. But all in all, everything is still going pretty well.

As far as missionary work goes, this is actually not really much of a baptising area. People love to let us in, and hear from us, but for them, it's like their own personal sermon in their house and that's pretty much it. No one seems to be interested in going to church, converting, or those who do seem interested, won't ever keep their commitments (simple things like read the introduction to the Book of Mormon.) But anyway, the members here think Elder Van and I are super Pilas (kind of means skilled) because we actually get investigators to come to church sometimes, which is nearly unheard of. But my comp and I are starting to make progress towards a couple of baptisms, which is pretty exciting.

No photos from this week, but he sent a picture of mailing instructions to pass along. :)
Packages are very expensive, and we were encouraged by the mission president to keep them to a minimum, so let us know if you want to include something in the next package we send. 
But I'm sure letters would be welcome. Address instructions are the same either way.
Or, as always, you can easily email him.
If you read on a computer, these instructions are always on the sidebar of the blog. :)