June 6, 2016

Week 26: Xela Centro

Well, to start the update, I still have dengue...I will for a few weeks most likely. I have been able to leave and work some, but it is still causing some problems with working. I think it's making me lose weight, and I can't work out, and haven't been able to in a couple of weeks now because my joints and muscles always kill. Haha.

Well, I was very prepared to have my first Latino companion, seeing as my last companion Elder Ward has only had 2 gringo companions out of all 16 he's had. I knew my companion would finally be a latino, everyone did, like 100% chance. I got to changes in Xela (packing everything and riding a bus for hours while sick really sucks haha) where I found out my new area, and companion. I am now in Xela Centro, the center of the biggest city in the mission. (Everyone knew I'd be going there because there are hospitals and everyone who is really sick gets sent there.) And my new companion is Elder Ramos...gringo companion number 3! (4 if you count the MTC.) The same Elder Ramos that was my district leader back in Chiantla. A little about him: he is from California. I don't think he played any sports in high school, more of the quiet type. I get along with him really well, especially because we're already cuates. And he is also part of Elder Ward's group, so this is his last change in the mission, so in missionary terms, I am "killing" him.

This area is pretty cool. I have access to a lot of things. There is a McDonald's in our area, which is like gold here for the missionaries. haha.

I get a little worried that my Spanish won't be very good since I've only had gringo comps, but then I realize I can already pretty much converse like a normal person without thinking about it now. It's kinda funny, the first thing members ask me here is how long I've been in the mission, I tell them 6 months. Then they always ask if I'm from California, and I tell them no. So they say "so you must have family that speaks Spanish then. So I guess my Spanish isn't half bad if the natives here can't believe I can speak Spanish after 6 months without knowing it before the mission.

Thanks for the email, that's really all I have time for this week. Love you!