May 31, 2016

From the Mission Nurse

Sister Lee,

Your son was diagnosed this week with Dengue Fever. The Area doctor in Guatemala City is personally overseeing his treatment. If you read about Dengue, you will see that it has no vaccine or cure, but that should not scare you. It runs its course and seldom has complications. His blood is being tested regularly and is being monitored by the Area doctor. I talked with your son earlier this morning and he is acutally feeling much better today. We are treating him with acetaminophen for the pain and fever, and encouraging him to stay hydrated. Other than that there is little medically that needs to be done. My own daughter had Dengue when she served in El Salvador and was sick for a week or two but recovered quickly. I am confident that your son is getting the best care possible. He is complying with all our instructions and we are watching him closely. I hope you know that Elder Lee has the best care possible. He is in our prayers as well as yours.

Hna. Worthen