February 22, 2016

Week 11: A Kiss and a Prayer

So Elder Van and I were proselyting a little bit later one night this week. A bolo (Guate slang for drunk) was walking by and glanced at us, stopped and walked over to us. He told us that he wanted to stop drinking. We talked for awhile and his story was kind of sad, but my companion ended up telling him he should pray to receive strength to help him quit. He told us he didn't have prayer beads, to which my companion replied, "You don't need those, you only have to kneel." So the guy kneels right there in the street, (he grabbed on to me to support himself on the way down...he was super drunk), and he asked Elder Van what to say. Elder Van coached him through a prayer, which was kind of funny, and he finished. He then reached his hand out to grab my hand, like he wanted to shake my hand, or wanted help up or something, but he stayed on the ground, holding my hand in his hands, and rested his forehead on my hand for a second. He then proceeded to kiss my hand for a good 15 seconds...I didn't know what to do, and Elder Van was dying of laughter, as well as a couple of Guates who were watching the whole thing. Anyway, he finally went on his way after that, and I couldn't help but feel bad for Alejandro (his name). But yeah...that happened.

Another funny thing that tends to happen here: people really like to hear about why us two gringos are here and what we do. So we've told the story of how we're here for two years to invite people to come unto Christ quite a few times. People always have tons of questions, which almost always includes at least one about our wives, and how they feel about us leaving for two years. That's when we have to ask how old they think we are...almost always between 25-30 years old!!! The look on their faces is always hilarious when they find out we're both 18.

So you asked about the members here. I'll tell you about Hermana Emma. She is like our second mom here. There's not really much she can do for us, but she always tries to do things for us, always makes us treats and stuff. She's super cool. She is super loving and we always look forward to seeing her. Eating lunch with members is usually pretty chill; we talk with them and everything and there's always something to talk about so that's not a problem. The food they make is always really good. Sometimes everyone is busy though, so every once in awhile we'll show up and sit and they'll give us food and we'll kind of eat alone, but it's okay, because...food! The ward is pretty much like they are at home. Kids go to school until like 14, I think...? And then it costs money. Usually the father travels to a bigger city to work. A lot of the time the mom runs a small business from the house if they live in town, like a tortillaria, or a store, or library, or tailor or something. They're all up and down the streets.

Elder Van and I cooked ceviche this week, which is pretty much shrimp in like a citrus pico, (tomato juice, veggies like tomato and onion, and lime juice, along with some other stuff) and you eat it like shrimp with tostadas...it was really good!

Elder Van and I also went to the Mirador today. We had to take a bus to the top, which is like at 11k feet, and we could see 4 volcanoes and all of Huehuetenango from the top. It was pretty cool. Here are some pictures.