February 1, 2016

Week 8: The Gift of Tongues is a Thing.

Things have been going great here, and I know its because you have been praying so much!

Story of the week:
So Elder Mailo (a roommate from the MTC) and I had to go back to Guatemala City this week to get our Visas. It was a nightmare. For the sake of time, I'm not going to fill you in on everything that happened, maybe later...but long story short: they sent two guys with a week in the field across a foreign country...starting with the wrong bus...also Elder Mailo is a very, very dull knife...so I can testify that the gift of tongues is a thing! Miracle after miracle, we actually made it with no time to spare.

Other than that, my week has been pretty normal...work, eat, sleep...I always look forward to eating and sleeping...we do mostly door-to-door proselyting, which I don't mind because we get to talk in between houses and I work on my Spanish, and we get to explore a bit, which is fun.

We have found a few investigators. I don't speak too much during lessons though, but I try, and I'm getting better. Everyone thinks I've been here for a lot longer than I have. But yeah, most of our investigators are chambones (a Guatemalan term for a lazy person) so it's hard to get them to keep commitments.

The companionship is going great. Elder Van does an awesome job training me, and we get along super well. Having an athletic companion is great. He also loves to hear everything I have to say about physique training, and is the fifth Elder who is following a program that I have written for them now. But yeah, he is a hard worker and we do enjoy each other's company.

As far as my health and well-being...not enough protein...really, like maybe 10g a day...send protein, because I can't get it here... Other than that, no problems at all. I'm taking everything great. I did get my short-sleeved shirts tailored, for 5q each, less than 5 bucks all together, haha!

If you could do some research on what they call Bible bashing, that would be great... I'd love some evidence from the Bible about the Book of Mormon, and some counter points to common things Catholics use from the Bible to discredit the Latter Day Saints, if there's any articles on anything like that. If you could copy and paste that... I don't necessarily need it but I'd be interested, so if there's not that much to be found that's fine.

I am learning a ton, but mostly about gospel principles. I'm also reading the Book of Mormon front to back again right now. I just finished 1 Nephi if you want to join in. But mostly what I'm focusing on learning is Spanish, and it's still improving A TON.

Glad to hear from you. Thank you for the prayers. Thank you for the updates on the goings-on at home. Keep that up, I love to hear it all. Love you!

Jackson sent some pictures from the MTC. He didn't include any captions, but I did tell him that a picture is worth a 1000 words, so he must have decided he didn't need the words. The captions are my best guess. :)

The crew from week 1.
Getting strong in the CCM.
Guatemala City Temple
Elder Radke, Elder Lee
Elder Lee, Elder Adams, and I think Elder Lofgran
Christmas Eve in new shirt Elder Lee must have given himself! (Still a clothes horse, haha)
Fireworks, not gunshots, I presume. :)
Elder Lee, Elder Langsmith
The Gunshow!
The Hulks in Latin America
They're definitely having fun!
Elder Lee, Elder Catalas (maybe?)
Elder Lee, Elder Radke
Ekder Brubaker, Elder Lee
Elder Barnes, Elder Lee
Elder Lee, Elder Adams
Elder ?, Elder Lee, Elder Mailo
Elder Barnes, Elder ?, Elder Lofgran, Elder Lee, ?, Elder Adams, Elder Radke
Mormons Helping Hands
Elder Lofgran, Elder Lee
So green and I love the little fence!
It's looks so peaceful (until you notice the razor wire!)

Guatemala City Temple Spires
Of course he sent a picture of a motorcycle. =D
And a car...
And a truck!

His room at the CCM.
Flowers on the temple grounds.
Nativity scene at the temple...with hydrangeas...pretty sure that's heaven on earth!

Elder Lofgran and Elder Lee

I think this is probably the nortes district, at the temple.
Guatemala Flag