May 8, 2016

Mother's Day Skype!

In addition to a wonderful Mother's Day skype call, Jackson surprised us by sending this tribute to mother's which was read by Olivia in sacrament meeting. 

The family is defined as the most important social unit in society. I have no doubt that these words are true. I testify with my whole heart of the blessing that having a well-established family brings about. While there are no roles in the family more important than the other, the role of mother is definitely key.

In Alma, the stripling warriors had sure testimonies because of the examples and teachings of their mothers. They had been taught by their mothers that, if they did not doubt, God would deliver them. They had great faith and were favored of God because of their mother's testimonies.

I am very greatful for the opportunity we all have to be so belssed to be in our families, to have mothers to grow us, teach us, and sacrifice for us. I can't give enough thanks to my Heavenly Father, and to my mom, for the great example she has been to me, everything she has done for me, and how she has blessed my life.