May 2, 2016

Week 21: The Key is Working Hard and Having Fun

Jackson's letter was mostly coordinating our Skype call and responses to my letter and questions, so it's a bit jumbled.  

So does this mean that Lydia will be getting home before me? What the freak? Sister missions, haha! I'm super excited for Matt! I'm sure he's got plenty of resources from all the RMs in the family, but if he needs anything or has any questions, I would love to help him.

I don't think many here celebrate 5 de mayo.

I really miss the Kamas really bad...I'm always hot, and right now most of the time wet, at the same time! I've always preferred the cold over the heat, and never liked being wet...haha! ahi vamos though.

About the packing list, everything I brought is pretty good. Especially shoes that will last. Besides shoes and a raincoat, you can pretty much get everything you might need down here pretty easily. The pants are great. Maybe bring lots of pictures. I don't know what else, really. BTW...the suitcoats are super cheap here. I paid the equivalent of like $20 for mine, though that is expensive here, it's a lot cheaper that getting it in the US. Then I got it tailored for $2. So I'm still glad I didn't bring one from home.

Nothing too crazy has happened this week. My new comp is awesome. I learn a lot from him, and I fell like he's a brother to me. I feel very lucky to have had the comps I've had so far. We are starting to see a lot of success, and the time is going by super fast. I've realized that the key to that is working hard and having fun., which is what we've been doing all week. We have been marinating beef jerky all weekend and we put it in the oven at the church at 5:30 this morning. But yeah, nothing crazy, nothing to complain about. All is well here.

Love you mom! Can't wait to talk to you! It'll all work out with skype, don't worry!