May 16, 2016

Week 23: Happy Birthday Elder Lee!

Hi Mom,

My birthday was pretty cool. We didn't really do anything too special but a member here invited us to lunch and bought us cake. My companion also bought cake that morning. I got a few calls from some members and other elders which was cool. My companion got me an awesome birthday present though. He had some really cool corte from an area of the mission called Toto, and took it to a tailor and got me a vest made!

Today we have some fun plans. We get to go to Pies again, which is good because I need a new backpack, a dog finished off the last of it a few days ago, haha!

Then we set up a family home evening tonight with a member here from El Salvador who cooks and vends papusas. Papusas are a traditional Salvadorian food. It's like a tortilla, but before they cook it they fill it with meat, beans, and cheese, and then serve it topped with something called curtido, which is kind of a cabbage relish. We are going to teach them how to make hamburgers, and they are going to teach us how to make papusas, I'm super excited for that.

We still haven't gotten much rain, so we still only get water every once in awhile. It's kinda funny you asked about it beacuse I'm literally staring right at a protest in front of the city building about the water right now. The ward hasn't taken any action, such as fasting, as far as the water goes. I think they all just know it will come eventually and know the city is doing what they're supposed to with it I haven't heard anything about wildfires. A lot of the mountains are clear of trees from people cutting them down for firewood, and the mountains get burned down by farmers clearing fields all the time anyway.

We are finding a lot of investigators all of the time, and having to drop them just as fast, because when we contact people they invite us in and want to hear from us, but that's all. They think we're just walking around to give people personal sermons. so when we want them to go to church, or read a little bit or something, they don't want to. So we're starting to be a little more direct about what our purpose is here, so that we don't waste too much more time with people who really don't want to progress. So yeah, we're going through people super fast. But besides that, we do have a few promising people who we stick with. Andrea, the investigator whose boyfriend is an RM will be baptized this week hopefully. We also have a few baptismal dates set for June, but I don't know if I'll still be here then. 

We are having multizone conference this Thursday, I haven't been to one yet, so I don't really know what to expect. From what I hear they are usually pretty long, and President Smith just machetes people the whole time, haha. But I'm exctied and hope I learn something from it, and I think we get lunch too, which should be cool.

That's pretty much all I've got for this week. Thanks for the email. Love you!