May 30, 2016

Week 25: Dengue Fever!

Well, I got to the point this week where I had to call the enfermeras, and go get some tests done, and it turns out I have dengue fever, which is just one of those mosquito spread diseases. So Elder Ward and I haven't really been able to do much this week, as I have spent most of the time with super bad fevers in bed. There's not really any cure, I just have to get my blood drawn often so they can monitor my platelets. I also have a new best friend named Tylenol, because dengue is really painful, haha. But I'm just complaining. To be honest though, I'm a little bit scared I might have to be sent home for it. It apparantly lasts for weeks, and is supposed to get worse.

I also have changes. Tomorrow my new area will be in Xela, basically the most up-to-date city in the mission. I'm pretty much going to Xela because I'm sick, so I can be monitored, and be close by a hospital at all times, haha.

That's pretty much all my week consisted of, haha.

Thank you for the email mom! I love you!

Note from mom: I think all the 'haha's in his letter were an attempt at making the situation seem less serious; it didn't really work. Dengue fever is no laughing matter. Please keep Jackson in your prayers: that he will get the medical attention he needs and his recovery will be quick. He clearly loves his mission and I know he is anxious to get back to work.